Anamore is the upscale brand of Cygnett Hotels & Resorts. At the Anamore, it is beyond a hotel stay; it is an experience and a truly exceptional one. Characterized by its refined elegance, every aspect of the hotel is imbued with a dose of the extraordinary.


An Integrated Lifestyle And Wellness Solution

Ayurvyaas brings balance to its guests' lifestyle through traditionally trusted and proven therapies prescribed after a detailed consultation with our in-house masters of Ayurveda and contemporary techniques.

A Cygnett Collection

A Cygnett Collection

A Cygnett Collection is a collection of (CH&RPL)Cygnett Hotels & Resorts . Cygnett Collection hotel is a collection of authentic & unique properties, located in the metro or prestigious key cities and extraordinary leisure resorts locations.

Cygnett Park

Contemporary | Welcoming | Assuring

Cygnett Park Hotels are midscale business hotels with adroit space planning. These four-stars are designed as Contemporary, Welcoming, & Assuring to create distinctive spaces that invite guests to immerse, enjoy and reconnect with vibrant rooms & chic amenities, all-day dining, recreation bar, pool, and fitness center.

Cygnett Residences

Flexible | Convenient | Gratifying

Imagine a home that always has everything you need, is impeccably kept, and does not require you to lift a finger. As utopian as it may sound, it is just what Cygnett Residences has to offer: The comfort and convenience of a home combined with the service, efficiency, and high maintenance standards of a hotel. A home without any hassle. On consideration, that really is our idea of utopia, or is it not?

Cygnett Resort

Unwinding | Refreshing | Rejuvenating

Take a break from the humdrum and check into a whole new way to relax and rejuvenate at Cygnett Resorts. We are all about helping you re-experience your favorite getaways in settings and ambiances that are refreshingly different, out-of-the-world indulgences and delights that don't cost the earth, and hospitality that comes straight from the heart.

Cygnett Villas

Hidden Paradise!

Cygnett Villas is the midscale brand of Cygnett Hotels & Resorts. Cygnett Villas is built for exclusive independent stays.

Cozzet Hotel

A Member Of Cygnett Hotels

Cozzet Hotels assures star experiences at budget prices and super affordable. Each hotel has it’s own unique story – a persona unto itself – that develops a relationship with every guest who walks in, welcoming them home and imploring them to visit again.

Cygnett Inn

Efficient | Comforting | Rewarding

Good things come easy, and they are pocket-friendly. Sounds unfamiliar? No, you haven’t got it wrong; it’s just that Cygnett Inn has got it right. A product of the remarkable synergy between the excitement of contemporary design and facilities and the timelessness of classic service ethic, Cygnett Inn is a full-service, budget hotel that practices economy in its prices alone!

Cygnett Style

Stay Smart | Stay Safe | Stay Satisfied

Cygnett Style has navigated the suspicious perceptions of the disreputable world economy hotels to redefine economy simply as very affordable comfort. Providing maximum value at minimum rates, a stay at a Cygnett Style holds a guarantee of consistency, high quality, and satisfaction. You can count on us!


Stay | Work | Cheers

CYGNOTEL is a premium economy hotel that is frugal in its prices but extravagant in its offering. There are no compromises in great hospitality: CYGNOTEL welcomes you with its vibrant, fresh & bold design. The rooms deliver an elevated stay experience with a lively environment. It's smart and comfortable rooms always provide safe & hygienic stays.