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Cygnett Park Hotels are midscale business hotels with adroit space planning. These four-stars are designed as Contemporary, Welcoming, & Assuring to create distinctive spaces that invite guests to immerse, enjoy and reconnect with vibrant rooms & chic amenities, all-day dining, recreation bar, pool, and fitness center. For hotels, the mark of truly great hospitality is the ability to make anyone who walks in feel cherished, not as a customer but as a guest. The Cygnett Park hotels embody this unofficial dictum by providing services par excellence at a reasonable price. Its au courant character is perfectly offset by the emphasis on good, old-fashioned, warm service.

Brand Basics

Mid-scale, full-service4-star hotel located at prominent locations of capital & major cities with premium amenities.

Target Audience:
A wide segment of business and leisure travelers who look for great hospitality with frills at a reasonable price.

Contemporary & avant-garde in character that embodies our core value of creativity.

Value Proposition:
Commitment to consistency in high standards of quality and service. 

Selling Line:
An assurance for our patrons.

Why Cygnett Park ?

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