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Cygnett Park Hotels are midscale business hotels with adroit space planning. These four-stars are designed as Contemporary, Welcoming, & Assuring to create distinctive spaces that invite guests to immerse, enjoy and reconnect with vibrant rooms & chic amenities, all-day dining, recreation bar, pool, and fitness center. For hotels, the mark of truly great hospitality is the ability to make anyone who walks in feel cherished, not as a customer but as a guest. The Cygnett Park hotels embody this unofficial dictum by providing services par excellence at a reasonable price. Its au courant character is perfectly offset by the emphasis on good, old-fashioned, warm service.

Designed to appeal to the cosmopolitan traveler, Cygnett Park believes in staying ahead of the curve. The rooms offer carefully selected modern amenities anticipating every need of the guest. The spa and the health club are well-equipped to provide services and treatments adhering to high international standards.

The basic yet oft-forgotten tenet of hospitality is warm, personalized service. Cygnett Park ensures that every guest knows they are valued. The friendly and ever-attentive staff is committed to extending service that makes the entire experience of staying at the hotel a pleasurable and memorable one.

A guest may be easy to attract; a patron must be earned. With a strong base of values that are lived and not just touted, Cygnett Park inculcates consistency, quality, service, and a healthy dose of integrity in the fabric of every establishment, from the staff to the processes and facilities.

Brand Basics

Full Service, Mid-scale, Four-star hotels with premium amenities

Customer Profile:
Business and leisure travelers are sensitive to quality and have a well-defined taste.

Locations in Capitals and Primary & Secondary Cities; Airports, Urban, Suburban & Key Business Cities.

Design Style:
Contemporary, Welcoming, Assuring

Best of local character, charm, and aesthetic with the high international standards of hospitality.

Key Objective:
Providing exceptional experience with a focus on high standards of comfort, service, and facilities.

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