The visitors, who goes to a specific lodging, accompanies an understanding that he and his things both will be sheltered and secure while he is putting up at the inn. Keeping this in mind, we have designed an array of features to ensure the security of our premises. One such feature to ensure the safety of the hotel room in which its visitors are staying, is that all the rooms come equipped with doors having punch and magnetic key cards.

The hotel also has digitalised in-room safes to ensure the safety of the luggage and other valuables of the guests. In addition, the hotel ensures a thorough vigilance of its guests with trained security guards and latest state-of-the-art security cameras who diligently work round the clock to provide a safe ambience to its guests. It also has smoke detectors and fire alarms in each room to prevent any mishaps in case of fire. The employees are well-trained to handle any emergency situation that would help the guests to evacuate and reach safety during earthquakes or any such natural calamities. It has a few accessible entry/points that the guests can use in case of any emergencies or unforeseen mishaps.