Comfortable rooms, convenient location, modern amenities, service par excel— been there, heard that. Step away from the cookie cutter: think fresh, radical…and affordable! Cozzet Hotels assures star experiences at budget prices and super affordable. Each hotel has it’s own unique story – a persona unto itself – that develops a relationship with every guest who walks in, welcoming them home and imploring them to visit again. As with all good things that are here to stay, there is some consistency, where strictly required, and it is assiduously adhered to. So really, why Cozzet?

It’s Smart
Where the experienced flourish, the novices perish. Poetry may not be our forte but hospitality certainly is. Every Cozzet Hotel is managed by hospitality professionals who know what they’re doing, so you’re always in good hands: clean rooms with sparkling floors, crisp linen and essential amenities; good food that always hits the spot; prompt and enthusiastic service; and indispensable conveniences like Wi-Fi, hot showers and ingenious plans to escape work in plentiful supply.

It’s Safe
Correction to the statement above: you’re always in good and safe hands. With 24 hour security, close circuit TV and secure room locks being just the bare minimum of Cozzet’s commitment to your safety, you can rest assured that…actually you can just rest assured, literally.

It’s Sensible
You can check Trip Advisor reviews, frantically ask friends and family for recommendations, Google hotel profiles all day or you can just rely on Cozzet for consistently good experiences. A network of second homes all over the country, if you will. Don’t take our word for any of this, try it for yourself. It won’t hurt the pocket either – the best things in life are meant to be free, we’re very close.

Brand Basics

Non-standardized, limited service, value.

Target Audience:
Value-conscious travelers, business travelers, leisure tourists, students, and young Professionals.

True Value for money with comfort and cleanliness.

Value Proposition:
Providing maximum value at low prices without compromising on services.

Selling Line:
Value for money.

Why Cozzet Hotel ?

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