Cygnett Group grew out of the Vision of Sarbendra Sarkar who define Cygnett Group as an aggrandized hospitality company. Every great venture begins with a dream and it takes all of the dreamer's strength, patience, and passion to reach for the stars to make his dream a reality. It is this very strength, patience, and passion which has taken Sarbendra Sarkar, Founder & MD Cygnett Hotels & Resorts, to the heights of success achieved by only those who "Dare to do, over Dream to do". Sarbendra is the quintessential person who takes challenges & enjoys the thrill of it. This adage suits his remarkable journey as he enjoys the challenge of converting loss into profit.

Cygnett Hotels and Resorts came into being as a dynamic and progressive Hotel Management and Brand Franchising company with the vision of creating a hotel company that is responsive to the demands of a metamorphosing world, without compromising the ideals of good hospitality, quality comfort, and great service in the year 2012. And, after two years of careful and detailed analysis and groundwork, in April 2014, it started operations in India and Nepal. The company is now actively targeting the Asian countries to expand the group's footprint.

The hospitality group is actively working to open 100+ Hotels across in India & Nepal and to operate in international locations (other Asian countries) within the next five years. The company is looking forward to adding 7500+ keys by 2026 and to create employment for 12,000 + employees & benchmark "Cygnetture Experiences" in the industry.


Since 2014 we have built powerful brands, the last seven years' journey of implementing an amalgamation of various business models has strengthened us.

In this metamorphic world in order to meet the current changes in the industry and anticipating the future, we have transformed Cygnett from the hotel group into an aggrandized hospitality group with a new eco-system of Cygnetture experience. Extensive strategic moves in a wide variety of business models around Asian countries, European, Middle East, and North Africa. Our versatile offerings create a wide and multi-brand portfolio from a collection of upscales hotels to budget and economy brands with Ayurvyaas being a wellness and lifestyle brand.

Sarbendra Sarkar

Founder & Managing Director