An Integrated Lifestyle And Wellness Solution

To bestow the benefits of Ayurveda that perfectly aligns the diameter of one's body's chakras is the ultimate aim of the wellness retreat, Ayurvyaas. Bringing balance to its guests' lifestyle through traditionally trusted and proven therapies prescribed after a detailed consultation with our in-house masters of Ayurveda and contemporary techniques, the brand stands true to its spirit and redefining lifestyle with Yoga and Vedanta combined with true wellness experiences and connecting together body, mind and soul.

Ayurvyaas is a haven to recharge the body and senses to gear up afresh to achieve life-changing goals. It's a transformative destination that elevates the guest's perspective towards life and living. Our in-house experts in Ayurveda, Naturopathy, healing  and fitness will make your cure.

The five-star property houses meditation dens, customized spas treatments, a relaxation center, open and natural spaces for yoga. The Menu especially curated for healthy and nutritious meals is available in its all-day dining and specialty restaurants.

The integrated lifestyle and wellness solution, Ayurvyaas, offers its guests premium spaces with spectacular views combined with the supreme luxury and exceptional hospitality one has ever experienced. With specialist staff and upscale facilities, the brand resonates the global character.

Brand Basics

Upscale, full-service 5-star lifestyle & wellness resort located at pristine serene locations – foothills or sandy beaches.

Target Audience:
Travelers seeking a getaway to rejuvenate and looking for healthcare remedies via traditional & ancient Vedic practices.

A complete wellness solution for physical, cognitive & spiritual healing using a holistic approach.

Value Proposition:
Making people connect to the journey of wellness & nature.

Selling Line:
An Integrated Lifestyle & Wellness Solution.

Why Ayurvyaas ?

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