Shyam Bhethanabotla

Chief Technology Officer

Shyam Bhethanabotla is a BTech Electronics, MS Computer Science from the University of Florida (US). He has over 28 years of experience in building and deploying large-scale systems in the hospitality, e-commerce and Edtech Globally. He has worked in executive leadership roles in Global organizations like Reliance, Lucent, Verizon, and HCL in the past. Shyam is noted for his keen understanding of the applications of Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture, and AI/ML systems. Currently Shyam services on the board of Cygnett Group and also holds the CTO portfolio to roll out the group's IT and platforms foray.

Shyam is a specialist in tech platforms, offering new business development, consulting, and strategy services to clients across various domains. He has a strong track record of creating and delivering innovative and scalable solutions that address the complex and dynamic needs of the market.

As an entrepreneur, inventor, and philosopher, Shyam has a passion for exploring and developing new ideas and technologies that can improve the lives of people and communities. He is currently working at Tech Platforms, a company that provides cutting-edge tech platforms for various industries and sectors. He is also involved in several philanthropic and social initiatives that aim to promote education, health, and sustainability.