Stay In Style | Stay Safe | Stay Satisfied

Cygnett Style has navigated the suspicious perceptions of the disreputable world economy hotels to redefine economy simply as very affordable comfort. Providing maximum value at minimum rates, a stay at a Cygnett Style holds a guarantee of consistency, high quality and satisfaction. You can count on us!

Stay In Style. 
Every guest is assured of the facilities essential for o comfortable stay, in rooms with stylish interiors.

Stay Safe.
Consistency in quality and service is the hallmark of all Cygnett Style Hotels. And it is acquired by the sharp focus of standardization of process, stringent quality control, and the service spirit that marks the difference between a mere stay and a great experience.

Stay Satisfied.
The creation of value is integral to every Cygnett Style. Indeed every Cygnett Style team is dedicated to ensuring that each guest experience far exceeds the expectations from an economy hotel in every way except rates.

Brand Basics

Stylish Value Brand Hotel

Customer Profile:
Value-Conscious Travelers, Business Travelers, Leisure Tourists, Students, and Young Professionals.

Design Style:
Modern/ Flexible.

True Value for money with comfort and cleanliness.

Key Objective:
Providing maximum value at great hotels without compromising on services.

Urban / Railway Station/ Airport / Suburban / Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities.

Why Cygnett Style ?

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