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Imagine a home that always has everything you need, is impeccably kept, and does not require you to lift a finger. As utopian as it may sound, it is just what Cygnett Residences has to offer: The comfort and convenience of a home combined with the service, efficiency, and high maintenance standards of a hotel. A home without any hassle. On consideration, that really is our idea of utopia, or is it not?

Differing short and long-stay options customized to suit your requirements, Cygnett Residences provides a home mode-to- order. The freedom to choose the length of the stay and the facilities desired lies entirely with the guests.

A signature Cygnett assurance,' the Convenience of location, provision of amenities, and efficient operations. Further, the team at Cygnett Residences is always just a coil away to assist guests with anything thot they may require.

Cygnett Residences combines the best of professional hospitality with the unmatched comfort of a home.

Brand Basics

Limited Service, Midscale, Serviced Apartments.

Customer Profile:
Leisure or business travelers & families looking for spacious with convenience and good facilities.

Design Style:
Flexible and Convenient for business and leisure families, short and long stay.

Homes without hassles — space, freedom, comfort, and flexibility.

Key Objective:
Providing short and long-stay options offering comforts of home with quality hotel amenities.

Business or Industrial Hubs, Primary & Secondary Cities, & Residential Destinations plus Resort Locations.

Serviced Apartments.

Why Cygnett Residences ?

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