Attractions in Ayodhya

About Ayodhya

Many famous kings like Ikshvaku, Prithu, Mandhata, Harishchandra, Sagar, Bhagirath, Raghu, Dileep, Dashrath, and Ram ruled the main city of Kosaldesh. It was during their time that the greatness of the kingdom reached its highest point and symbolized Ram Rajya.

Found on the side of River Saryu, Ayodhya has many traces from the past. The well-known stories Ramayan and ShriRamcharitmanas showcase the beauty of Ayodhya.

Being a part of Ramayan, an old history, and a collection of places to visit, this town is important for pilgrims, history lovers, archaeologists, and students.

Best Time To Visit

During the months of April to June, Ayodhya experiences warm temperatures, and at times, the mercury can reach up to 47°C. In the winter season, which spans from November to February, the temperature drops to around 10°C. The ideal time for a visit would be from October to March.


By Air
The airport in Lucknow is located 150 km to the city's west. It boasts excellent connectivity with Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Jaipur, and Mumbai through frequent flights. Taxis and jeeps are conveniently accessible at the airport for transportation to Ayodhya.

By Train
Faizabad and Ayodhya serve as significant railway stations within the district, boasting strong connections to nearly all major cities and towns. Ayodhya is situated at a distance of 128 km from Lucknow, 171 km from Gorakhpur, 157 km from Allahabad, and 196 km from Varanasi via the rail route.

By Road
Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation buses operate round the clock, ensuring convenient accessibility from various locations. The city's proximity is approximately 130 km from Lucknow, 200 km from Varanasi, 160 km from Prayagraj, 140 km from Gorakhpur, and about 636 km from Delhi. Regular bus services are readily accessible from Lucknow, Delhi, and Gorakhpur. Similarly, buses operate on schedules from Varanasi, Prayagraj, and other destinations.

Cygnetture Experience and Attraction Areas

Ram Janmabhoomi

Ram Janmabhoomi

Ram Janmabhoomi, translated as Ram's Birthplace, holds significance as Lord Ram's alleged birthplace according to Ramayan. This revered site amidst the Sarayu riveris central to Hindu devotees. The proposed design of the temple is grand and magnificent.

Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi, in Sai Nagar, is a 10th-century temple dedicated to Hindu deity Hanuman. It holds immense importance in Ayodhya, often visited before the Ram Temple. It's believed that Lord Hanuman guarded Ayodhya here.

Kanak Bhawan

Kanak Bhawan

Kanak Bhawan, is a sacred temple honoring Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. Also named Sone-ka-Ghar, it features golden-crowned idols beneath a silver roof. Legend says it was gifted to them by Kaikeyi.