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Jameson Inn Shiraz, Kolkata is home to finest dishes from multiple cuisines and lots of unique treats for tourists in the city and foodies who are always in search of mouth-watering foods. Various world-renowned cuisines in an eclectic menu are served in the hotel in an interesting manner. The hotel not just serves traditional Indian foods, but also takes food lovers on a tasty journey of worldwide cuisines

The Park Pavilion

With a menu consisting of an array of delicious multi-cuisine, The Park Pavilion is one of the best restaurants in Park Street, Kolkata. The finest Indian dishes at the restaurant make you celebrate the rich diversity of South Asian nation's cuisine. Prepared by experienced chefs, the sumptuous foods at the restaurant will make you taste authentic royal Indian food history and please the foodie within you.

GT ROUTE (Kabul to Kolkata cuisine)

Popularly known as K2K among frequent visitors, the GT ROUTE is famous for its fine cuisines whose roots are associated with centuries-old foods from Kabul to Kolkata. The delightful menus of the restaurant have a variety of unique, yet delicious dishes to taste and explore their history. With unmatched ambience, the restaurant can house around 50 guests at one time comfortably. GT ROUTE offers barbequed delights of Peshawar, the succulent kebabs of the Afghanistan and Awadh region to sublime ve