The gem of Uttarakhand – Nainital
27 Feb 2020

The gem of Uttarakhand – Nainital

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Nainital is a popular hill station in Uttarakhand. The picturesque city is the headquarters of the Kumaon division as it calmly nestles in the foothills of the outer Himalayas. The serene Lake-City is set in a valley which consists of a lentic system of 9 lakes, hence it is called Naini (Nine) Tal (Lake). All the nine lakes surrounding Nainital are unique in their own way. Namely – Naini Lake, Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchiatal, Khurpatal, Malwatal, Harishtal, Lokhamtal and Garudtal.

From the first ray of the sun that peeps in through that little slit of your room window till that sun sets like an orange dipping in the lake, every moment you spend in this serene city will make you feel mesmerised. As you pour your first cup of coffee before starting your day and gaze around at the landscapes of the lush green environs of Nainital, you can’t do nothing but soak in the warmth that the city enthrals. The city is so picturesque that even Bollywood couldn’t hold back from shooting at and around this city of vivid scenery. From the old Bollywood classic – Masoom to Hrithik Roshan’s Koi Mil Gaya, Bollywood has always been a fan of the benevolent city of Nainital.

Being the headquarters of Kumaon, Nainital’s culture is highly influenced by the Kumaoni ethos. The locals of Nainital are really mythical about nature and pray to the mother nature religiously as they believe that the nature is what is going to make them grow. The beliefs of the Kumaoni people are quite evident as Nainital is surrounded with multiple pilgrimage spots such as Naina Devi, Sunanda Devi, Gangnath, Bholanath, etc. Several devotees from across the country travel to Nainital to seek blessing from the gods that they pray to. The natives that bide in the hilly areas of Nainital outskirts strictly follow their traditions & customs and are very cautious about them even around tourists. The daily lifestyle and gatherings of the Kumaoni people majorly revolve around religion and culture.

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Explore the tranquil beauty of Nainital

Nainital, also known as the land of the lakes, is a beautiful hilly city located in the heart of Uttarakhand. The calm and soothing atmosphere of Nainital is ideal for a romantic outing or a family get together. The amount of activities one can indulge in Nainital is very vast. Here are a few sets of thrills you can enjoy in Nainital:

1. Boating in Naini Lake

Boating at Naini Lake
Boating at Naini Lake

Pondering about how to initiate your trip whilst in Nainital?

Begin with a boat ride in the Naini Lake and we know you’ll thank us later! The Lake which has a rich and varied history is home to many aquatic species. Don’t blink or you will miss a wild tortoise on your ride. Boating is the best way to breathe in the captivating vibes that the city holds. Gaze at the greenery around you or just sit back and relax while you listen to the soothing sound of the waters as your boatman drives your boat in the calming lake. The tranquillity of the lake is sure to make you forget your city troubles. If you are a fan of aquariums, you must go for a boat ride in Bhimtal too as there is a small island in the middle of the lake which houses an aquarium.

2. Sunrise at Tiffin Top

Your trip to Nainital will be incomplete if you haven’t seen the sunrise from Tiffin Top. Blended in the majestic beauty of the Himalayas, the sun forms a holistic orange ambience around the beautiful city of Nainital. Tiffin Top is a place which is 7250 feet elevated in the Ayarpatta region, also known as Dorothy’s seat in the memory of an English lady Mrs. Kellet Dorothy. Tiffin Top was named so because visitors could trek up to the top with packed lunch and spend a quiet and tranquil picnic with their trek mates. The trek to the Tiffin Top is of about 4 kms from Nainital and provides you with a bird’s eye view of Nainital while the mighty Himalayas in the front.

3. Shopping at the Tibetan Market

The Tibetan Market in Nainital is famous for the artefacts handcrafted by the locals. Buy souvenirs for your loved ones on your trip to Nainital. You can always roam around the market and collect souvenirs from the city of lakes. The market is filled with shops and shacks of local specialities which make you their own by the vibes that they project. From Tibetan bags and exquisite scarves to ethnic dresses and intricately designed shawls, you will get the best of all this Tibetan market.

4. Birding Tour to Pangot & Kilbury 

Birding Tour to Pangot and Kilbury

Pangot & Kilbury are scenic pieces of the Himalayan hot-bed which are famous for their lush green environs and lesser known species of birds and animals. They ought to be on your list when you are out for an experiential vacation in Nainital. The thick green jungles of oak and pine will leave you spellbound and give you stories for a lifetime.

5. Nainital Ropeway

Nainital Ropeway

Enjoy bird’s eye view of Nainital with a joyful ride at the Nainital Ropeway, the cable car shows the immense beauty of the Naini Lake and the surrounding Himalayan peaks. The aerial ropeway connects Mallital to the snow viewpoint from the base height of 2270 metres. It should definitely be given a shot if you love high rise views.

Inescapable Food of Nainital

Travel is not only about gazing at the new places or meeting new people, it is also about relishing the food that gets originated from the town you are traveling to. Tourist places like Nainital offer a lot more than just breath-taking views. The local delicacies of Nainital are highly influenced by Kumaoni culture. You can also find authentic Tibetan dishes in some parts of Nainital. So, while we are at it, let’s talk about the top 6 dishes that have their roots in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

  1. Madue Ki Roti

Madua is Millet and has a massive production in Uttarakhand which is why it can be easily found in the staple diet of the Kumaoni people. In Kumaon and in Garhwal too, this flat bread (roti) made out of millet flour is very popular especially in winters because of it warming effects on the body while being easily digestible. Millet is also said to be rich source of calcium which is essential when you are staying at a comparatively colder region.

  • Bhatt ki Churkani

Bhatt ki Churkani is a delicacy prepared on special occasions and festivals. Bhatt being the black Soyabean, has high nutritional value. This sour preparation is eaten with rice and is quite popular amongst the locals. It is a must try if you are fan of the rich Kumaoni flavours and if you want to experiment with something new.

  • Dubuk
Kumaoni Food
Kumaoni Food

Just one bite of Dubuk and we promise you’ll become a fan of its extraordinary taste instantly. It is also a Dal preparation and tastes the best with rice. Defying the popular opinion that Dal is a basic dish, Dubuk is sumptuous winter dish which is cooked on slow fire in an iron kadhayi and is mashed into a fine paste with local spices. It is a light to eat and is good for the stomach too. Although, its more famous in the winters because of is warm properties, you can savour it throughout the year as it is a little hard to wait for it till the winters.

  • Bhaang Ki Chutney
Bhang Chutney
Bhang Chutney

Bhaang ki Chutney is a thick sour paste made up of Bhaang (Hemp) seeds with a dollop of lemon and added cumin seeds for flavour. And if you are getting confused because of it name, let us tell you that you won’t get intoxicated. Although, the tangy flavour will surely transfer you into a different zone. It is a side dish which tastes the best with Madue ki Roti or any other main course meal.

  • Bal Mithai

Bal Mithai is one of the most renowned sweet dishes of the Kumaon region which is worth a try if you are in Nainital. Bal Mithai is made up of roasted Khoya (a processed milk product), coated with a sugar ball. The dish is typically dark brown in colour because of the roasted Khoya and melts in your mouth instantly. If you are a chocolate fudge fan, then it’s a dish with a Kumaoni twist for you. It can be easily found in the local sweet shops for you to savour.

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