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Cygnetture Cuisine

Kabul To Kolkata Cuisine

The Grand Trunk Road, one of Asia’s most famous trade routes which was once the very lifeline of the Indian Subcontinent played a significant part in the historical magnificence of the region – in its cultural amalgamation, its economic metamorphoses, and most importantly, for us food connoisseurs at least, its culinary brilliance. It has witnessed the rise and fall of many a great empire since the 16th century, but what remains its legacy today and shall, perhaps, eternally be the sole remnant of its glorious past, is the collection of cuisine associated with it.

K2K, a Cygnett Hotels signature restaurant, traces the route from Kabul to Kolkata presenting a beautifully recreated culinary history of the road. The centuries old cuisines present a range of delicious offerings from the barbequed delights of Peshawar, the succulent kebabs of the Afghanistan and Awadh region to the sublime vegetarian repast of Varanasi & Punjab and ambrosial sweets of Bengal.

With emphasis on authenticity, our chefs play with the nuanced differences in the cuisines that are similar in some ways and varied in many to bring to the plate a flurry of flavours and aromas that cannot but delight.

Kebab Sutra

Whether adorning the silver platter of a royal repast or being devoured with a bit of bread by a commoner, the ubiquitous kebab has been relished across classes, cultures and cities for centuries. Our appreciation for these succulent pieces of bliss led to the creation of Kebab Sutra – The Hub of Kebabs. The Kebab Sutra experience is defined by pure sense indulgence: indulgence of taste through a delicately balanced profusion of flavors; indulgence of smell through the rich aroma of mingling spices; indulgence of sight through our presentation that is a veritable feast for the eyes; and the indulgence of touch through the soft, yielding texture of the kebabs.

Since the texture, flavor and aroma of a kebab fresh off the grill is unmatched, we use live grills to serve our guests melt-in-the-mouth kebabs. The choice of a kebab is a very personal one, thus we hand the reins, orrather the skewers, to our guests and ask them to prepare their own kebabs on the grills provided at their tables. The Kebab Sutra ‘Bawarchis’ would be happy to assist you on your journey to creating the perfect kebab.Besides the live vegetarian and non-vegetarian grills, a grand buffet spread completes the journey of culinary satiation. Kebab Sutra also offers a range of aperitifs, liquor and wines, selected with great care, to make the perfect accompaniments to your meal.

Kaffe Lounge

Pausing to catch your breath and a bite in the middle of a busy day, grabbing a few minutes with a friend to share a juicy tidbit that just can’t wait or just catching up on the latestnews – all roads lead to Kaffe Lounge. The lively yet relaxed ambience allows intense conversations and reflective contemplation alike making it perfect for a quick pit stop or for many a lingering hour. The menu, fashioned to satisfy the most exacting coffee aficionados and tea connoisseurs, contains a variety of rare coffee blends and specialty teas along with a selection of scrumptious fresh bakery eats.

Metro Lounge

Channeling the energy, the mood, the flavors and indeed the very spirit of some of the world’s thriving metropolises, the Metro Lounge Bar brings you an experience that transcends boundaries and distance. New York. Paris. London. Berlin. Amsterdam. Milan. Barcelona. Tokyo. Seoul. Jakarta. Shanghai. Beijing. Bangkok. Hong Kong. Enjoy contemporary world music and sample signature cocktails and local delicacies from these cities. Laid-back and comfortable,it is perfect for pre-dinner drinks, post-party unwinding or just a casual night out with friends. Tell your travel agent to take a vacation;we’re providing an escape hundreds of miles away with just a sip and a bite.

The friendly local pub, the unrivalled choice for after work drinks, game nights and just-a-beer cravings, has had a bit of a makeover. While retaining its casual and lively appeal, it gets a dash of international polish that transports you to an old English pub in London serving ‘yerfavourite ale’ or a swanky modern pub in New York where the bartenders invent cocktails as the evening progresses, or any other vibrant metropolis that catches your fancy for the night! We’re happy to provide, at least for an evening, an opportunity to leave that devil of a boss, the pesky clients or just the boredom of your routine to get a taste of an evening in Paris, perhaps?

Cities that never sleep; cities where the ‘life’ in nightlife is literal; cities where nightfall only indicates that its time to get out and get going: to these cities, these electrifying hubs of nocturnal excitement, we invite you. New York. Paris. London. Berlin. Amsterdam. Milan. Barcelona. Tokyo. Seoul. Jakarta. Shanghai. Beijing. Bangkok. Hong Kong. Choose from the finest selection of wines, aperitifs, rare whiskies and exquisite cocktails that are signature favorites in these cities,and enjoy them witha wide and tantalizing variety of global delicacies. Entertainment forms an integral part of the Metro Nightclub experience with the best of popular music playing everyday, and regular performances by the country’s best bands and international artists.

Mystic East

At the Mystic East, we take you on a journey through the lands of the great Orient that have captivated the imaginations of many a writer, poet and chef! Our pan Asian restaurant gives you a taste, literally, of the culinary treasures from the Far East to South East Asia. Our chefs unravel the best-kept secrets of Japan, China, Mongolia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Burma and Vietnam to give you a dining experience beyond compare. Be it the authentic Japanese Yakitori, the tantalizing Korean Bar-be-cue and Hot Pots, the delicious traditional Chinese specialties, the sizzling Thai Stir and Wok Fry, or the Mongolian Brazier just brimming with flavor, we’re inviting all food enthusiasts to the mecca of Asian cuisine. Besides the favourites, some rarely spotted local Asian delicacies are included in the offering to make the culinary trip an authentic one.

The complexity and depth of the flavors in such a diverse offering can truly be appreciated under the guidance of our Master chefs. Our interactive kitchen concept allows you to witness the magic as an exquisite dish is prepared especially for you. Our chefs encourage you to participate in the process and customize the dishes, as much as authenticity will permit, to suit your tastes.

Our extensive collection of wines from across the world, chosen carefully for their ability to bring out the zest in the preparations, completes the experience. Our sommeliers are at your service to recommend pairings that will enhance the pleasure of your meal.

Tadka Roast

A rich and heavy aroma follows the excited crackling and sizzling of mingling spices – few things hold more promise of delights to come than the quintessential Indian tadka. It can only really be rivaled by the roast, which has earned its place in history and culture all over the world for its uncanny ability to hit the right spot. The traditional Sunday Roast has resiliently held its position as a ritual that inspires as much anticipation and enthusiasm now as it did in 15th century Britain. Tadka Roast brings together the best of the East and the West in it’s multi-cuisine offering featuring Indian and continental roasts and grills. Whether is it the simple but flavorful dal tadka, the all-time favorite tandoori chicken or the more adventurous rogan josh; they share pride of place in the menu with the old favourite, roast chicken, the roast lamb that just bursts with flavor in every bite, and the healthy yet delicious grilled fish.

Cygnett Pavilion

Lazy brunches, friendly lunches, important business meetings or midnight coffee runs, you can rely on Cygnett Pavillion, the all day dining restaurant at Cygnett Hotels, to mould itself into the perfect avatar for you. A simple mantra governs the Cygnett Pavillion spirit: reassuring comfort, great food and impeccable service. The lavish breakfast and dinner buffets occupy the pride of place in Cygnett Pavillion, offering a taste of the local flavours as well as the finest in global cuisine. Not to be overwhelmed or overlooked,the a la carte menu holds its own with its carefully curated selection of Indian, Oriental, Mediterranean and European dishes. The dynamic character of Cygnett Pavillion is reflected in its choice of music that changes with the moods of the day: light instrumentals in the mornings, jazz in the afternoons and lively, foot-tapping numbers in the evenings. For the musically un-inclined, a 42” LCD, playing the sports event everyone cannot stop discussing or the current news, stands in as a worthy replacement. The ambience promotes relaxed lingering, and the hospitality wholeheartedly supports it.




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