Best Rate Guarantee
Operational Services
Sales and Marketing

A powerful and innovative sales and marketing strategy supported by efficient implementation is one of the defining factors of a hotel’s success. One size certainly does not fit all and our team specializes in customizing strategies for each individual unit. Every unit is positioned in the optimal way on a local, regional and international level. Clear, effective and conversion-oriented communication is emphasized. Only activities and alliances that increase sales while maintaining the right brand perceptions are pursued

Central Reservation System

  • Strong channel connectivity
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time, Web-based
  • Options for multiple booking engines
  • Multi-property functionality

Global Distribution Systems

  • Connected to all GDS
  • Connected to more than 640000 travel agents globally
  • Connectivity with 3rd party websites via IDD

Channel Management System

  • Manage multiple online travel agents (OTA) simultaneously
  • Derives rate plans and levels
  • Intelligent allocation management

Website Booking Engine

  • Conversion-focused design
  • Merchandising and packaging features
  • Control over booking engine branding

User-friendly interface

  • Mobile phone and tablet version
  • Control over booking engine branding

User-friendly interface

  • Mobile phone and tablet version
  • Control over booking engine branding

Meta-Search Distribution

  • Price advertising on rate comparison websites
  • Trip Advisor, Google Hotel Finder, WeGo, Trivago, Hotels Combined, Kayak, ...

Rate Shopping Tool

  • Competitive price benchmarking
  • Scheduled reports and on demand shopping

Online Reputation Management

  • Monitoring guests
  • Manager response interface
  • Analyzing competitors’ performance
  • Social media control panel

Direct Connect

  • Seamless connectivity to third-party channels

E-Commerce / Digital Marketing

  • strong presence on the internet vide
  • Enhanced visibility against competitors on the internet
  • SEO - search engine optimization
  • SEM - search engine marketing
  • SMM - social media marketing
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Human Resources & Training

The distinction between a good hotel and a great one lies in the strength of the team, Our aim, with all our hotels, is to put together a highly skilled team that is united in the commitment to providing exemplary service. Our focus:

  • Engagement: capable and value-driven candidates are chosen through a thorough and precise selection process; they are invited to join Cygnett as team members rather than employees.
  • Mobilization: our intensive training programs develop skills and encourage specialization.
  • Motivation: we provide a work environment conducive to personal and professional growth.

Our key focus is on the following:

  • Brand assimilation.
  • Effective communication skills
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Special Training sessions to create second line managers
  • Leadership skill development.
  • Achievement of business goals
  • Group Development Program like teambuilding, conflict management and motivation.
Financial Management

Cygnett’s management of revenue and expenditure is defined by its principles of transparency, clarity and accountability in operations. The Cygnett management team always stresses the fact that there should not be any ambiguity in the financial reports of the unit. The Cygnett Corporate Centre critically analyses each unit’s monthly performance and recommends strategy changes for revenue generation and expenditure control.

  • Financial Controllers are trained at corporate centre before being appointed.
  • Standardized accounting system in IDS software.
  • Uniform and standardized Financial formats at all units.
  • Standardized and central purchasing systems to minimise cost.
  • Cash management services – tracking/forecasting cash flows, online banking access, electronic payments.
  • Well-trained accounting staff.
  • Transparent policy as regards to OTA’s.
  • Proper control on all expenses to maximize bottom line without creating negative impact on guest experience.
  • Focus on achieving financial goals through accurate financial information.

Cygnett understands that technology drives the future and exactly how vital it is to the sustainability of a hotel management company. All Cygnett hotels are empowered with efficient, reliable and secure technology. Software and hardware solutions are tailor-made to suit the requirements of each individual hotel to guarantee smooth operations, and therefore, strong performance.-

Our services include

  • Improved Wi Fi connectivity for guest satisfaction using cost effective methods.
  • Strong corporate support to each unit IT
  • Controlling payroll expense by installing biometric readers, which are linked to the HR system for vigilance.
  • Wide area network and intranet to give each manager real-time access to the same tools as their support teams, therefore allowing managers to be proactive in decision making
  • Enhancing employee productivity and protecting the internal network by sophisticated monitoring systems.
  • Providing guidance for telephone services, high speed Internet, call accounting, voicemail and PBX switches at each property.
  • Upgraded and sophisticated technology to integrate all Cygnett hotels’ financial systems.
  • Monitoring and controlling rates and inventory dynamically in real-time
  • Rate optimization: Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Historical & Forecasted production review
  • Multiple page positioning approach
  • Real-time dynamic rate & inventory optimization
  • Live automated channels updates
  • Complete Market analysis in real-time
  • Continuous booking pace analysis to maximize RevPAR
  • Global Distribution Management
  • Yield Management
  • Channel Management
  • E-Commerce
Quality Assurance

A commitment to quality forms the foundation of the Cygnett identity. Quality in both the tangible and the intangible elements of our company is the key to our sustained success. In order to maintain high standards in operations, Cygnett always stresses on mystery audits of each unit by competent and impartial authorities. This Quality Assurance Audit helps to identify each individual unit’s strengths and weaknesses so that the team can work towards improving the guest experience, and delivering on our commitments to our partners.