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Development Opportunities
Franchise Operations

We are the exclusive franchisors for the Jameson Inn and Suites, Jameson Suites and Jameson Inn brands in India. Our franchisees benefit from the brand recognition that follows established International brands; valuable technical expertise and proven efficient methods of operation; a powerful global sales network; and ready, reliable support.

Management Services

Our team’s management and technical expertise is our greatest asset. Our partners can sit back and enjoy a growing bottom-line while leaving the heavy work to us. Time-tested and perfected procedures are applied with careful customization and innovation to guarantee exceptional performance. Our services span all stages of hotel development and we assure expeditious movement from conceptualization to delivery with unerring attention to all the critical steps in between.

Project Types


  • Conversions
    Cygnett’s team of ‘turnaround’ experts delight in the challenge of converting existing properties into strong, stable and lucrative members of the Cygnett family. Owners benefit from international brand value; efficient procedures aimed at optimal performance; intensive staff training in operational and service excellence, leading edge technology and conversion-oriented sales and marketing strategies. The Cygnett Signature has been meticulously developed to drive revenue as a result of guest gratification, not at the cost of it.
  • Mixed Use
    The changing hospitality landscape now calls for an increasing number of hotel projects with a range of mixed-use features such as residential, commercial and retail space. Capturing these segments together where land is available at a high premium makes projects commercially viable and sustainable. Catering to the local population and businesses besides travellers, these projects are defined by convenience, collaboration and optimal land use.
  • New Builds
    A Cygnett property made from scratch is customized completely according to the local conditions and, more importantly, the vision and the goals of the owner. From laying the first stone to opening the doors for the first guest, Cygnett works with you tirelessly on getting every aspect of the construction, staff, operations, systems and brand positioning absolutely right.
  • Adaptive Re-use
    Developing a building with architectural or historical significance is a matter of pride for us, besides the commercial considerations. Our endeavor is to preserve the character and essence of the property while developing a hotel that honors its rich heritage. While adaptation and flexibility are key, we always apply The Cygnett Signature to provide exceptional hospitality consistent with our standards and in line with our guests’ expectations.