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Mystic East


At the Mystic East, we take you on a journey through the lands of the great Orient that have captivated the imaginations of many a writer, poet and chef! Our pan Asian restaurant gives you a taste, literally, of the culinary treasures from the Far East to South East Asia. Our chefs unravel the best-kept secrets of Japan, China, Mongolia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Burma and Vietnam to give you a dining experience beyond compare. Be it the authentic Japanese Yakitori, the tantalizing Korean Bar-be-cue and Hot Pots, the delicious traditional Chinese specialties, the sizzling Thai Stir and Wok Fry, or the Mongolian Brazier just brimming with flavor, we’re inviting all food enthusiasts to the mecca of Asian cuisine. Besides the favourites, some rarely spotted local Asian delicacies are included in the offering to make the culinary trip an authentic one.
The complexity and depth of the flavors in such a diverse offering can truly be appreciated under the guidance of our Master chefs. Our interactive kitchen concept allows you to witness the magic as an exquisite dish is prepared especially for you. Our chefs encourage you to participate in the process and customize the dishes, as much as authenticity will permit, to suit your tastes.
Our extensive collection of wines from across the world, chosen carefully for their ability to bring out the zest in the preparations, completes the experience. Our sommeliers are at your service to recommend pairings that will enhance the pleasure of your meal.