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Kebab Sutra


Whether adorning the silver platter of a royal repast or being devoured with a bit of bread by a commoner, the ubiquitous kebab has been relished across classes, cultures and cities for centuries. Our appreciation for these succulent pieces of bliss led to the creation of Kebab Sutra – The Hub of Kebabs. The Kebab Sutra experience is defined by pure sense indulgence: indulgence of taste through a delicately balanced profusion of flavors; indulgence of smell through the rich aroma of mingling spices; indulgence of sight through our presentation that is a veritable feast for the eyes; and the indulgence of touch through the soft, yielding texture of the kebabs.
Since the texture, flavor and aroma of a kebab fresh off the grill is unmatched, we use live grills to serve our guests melt-in-the-mouth kebabs. The choice of a kebab is a very personal one, thus we hand the reins, orrather the skewers, to our guests and ask them to prepare their own kebabs on the grills provided at their tables. The Kebab Sutra ‘Bawarchis’ would be happy to assist you on your journey to creating the perfect kebab.Besides the live vegetarian and non-vegetarian grills, a grand buffet spread completes the journey of culinary satiation. Kebab Sutra also offers a range of aperitifs, liquor and wines, selected with great care, to make the perfect accompaniments to your meal.