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K 2 K


The Grand Trunk Road, one of Asia’s most famous trade routes which was once the very lifeline of the Indian Subcontinent played a significant part in the historical magnificence of the region – in its cultural amalgamation, its economic metamorphoses, and most importantly, for us food connoisseurs at least, its culinary brilliance. It has witnessed the rise and fall of many a great empire since the 16th century but what remains its legacy today and shall, perhaps, eternally be the sole remnant of its glorious past, is the collection of cuisinesassociated with it.
K2K, a Cygnett Hotels signature restaurant, traces the route from Kabul to Kolkata presenting a beautifully recreated culinary history of the road. The centuries old cuisines present a range of delicious offerings from the barbequed delights of Peshawar, the succulent kebabs of the Afghanistan and Awadh region to the sublime vegetarian repast of Varanasi & Punjab and ambrosial sweets of Bengal.
With emphasis on authenticity, our chefs play with the nuanced differences in the cuisines that are similar in some ways and varied in many to bring to the plate a flurry of flavors and aromas that cannot but delight.