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Cygnett Pavilion


Lazy brunches, friendly lunches, important business meetings or midnight coffee runs, you can rely on Cygnett Pavillion, the all day dining restaurant at Cygnett Hotels, to mould itself into the perfect avatar for you. A simple mantra governs the Cygnett Pavillion spirit: reassuring comfort, great food and impeccable service. The lavish breakfast and dinner buffets occupy the pride of place in Cygnett Pavillion, offering a taste of the local flavours as well as the finest in global cuisine. Not to be overwhelmed or overlooked,the a la carte menu holds its own with its carefully curated selection of Indian, Oriental, Mediterranean and European dishes. The dynamic character of Cygnett Pavillion is reflected in its choice of music that changes with the moods of the day: light instrumentals in the mornings, jazz in the afternoons and lively, foot-tapping numbers in the evenings. For the musically un-inclined, a 42” LCD, playing the sports event everyone cannot stop discussing or the current news, stands in as a worthy replacement. The ambience promotes relaxed lingering, and the hospitality wholeheartedly supports it.