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Cygnett Pavilion
Lazy brunches, friendly lunches, important business meetings or midnight coffee runs, you can rely on Cygnett Pavilion, the all day dining restaurant, to mould itself into the perfect avatar for you. A simple mantra governs the Cygnett Pavilion spirit: a relaxed and comfortable ambience, great food, and exemplary service, that together make for memorable experiences. While the lavish lunch and dinner buffets, offering a taste of the local flavours as well as the finest in global cuisine, occupy the pride of place, the a la carte menu holds its own with a wide selection of delectable dishes from around the world.
Kaffe Lounge
A meeting place to discuss the latest political scandal or the big news a friend just shared with you; a quiet retreat after the nine-to-five or sometimes, if you can manage, right in the middle of it; or perhaps just a place to pause and catch up with oneself when life seems to be rushing at a frantic pace – all roads lead to Kaffe Lounge. The lively yet relaxed ambience allows intense conversations and reflective contemplation alike – either way you’ll want to linger for hours. The menu, fashioned to satisfy the most exacting coffee aficionados and tea connoisseurs, with a selection of scrumptious fresh bakery eats.
Metro Pub
There would be an emphasis on contemporary décor, high-quality food, premium beverages expressing the easy cheer, hustle & bustle of the typical bar. Clientele would have a wide range of demographics, from families to college crowd. It would be the most preferred place not only to relax and consume alcohol at leisure as well as a meeting joint for friends & elderly. Service would be friendly and informal with a genuine understanding between the guests and the service staff.

Soft interiors with comfortable seating, a well stocked bar would make this place the most inviting pub in this vicinity to relax your senses after a long day’s stress. Hearty servings of gourmet snacks, a rare selection of the finest liquors would be available here.

Friendly bartenders and waiting staff, great background music and cheerful after hours banter add to the air of conviviality. It would also have a small dance floor.
Dinner Package

• Hall from 7pm to 11pm

• Hall decorations as per requirement and budget

• Welcome drinks/Tea or Coffee on arrival

• Chef’s special starters as per package.

• Sumptuous buffet spread

• Choices of hard beverages suiting one’s budget